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for as long as I shall live, I will testify to love

Solving the non-baking thing this morning, by doing up some bread–AND this will be the last of the gluten-free mix!  Yay!  Next, they can start having "regular" bread, wonderful-regular home-made bread! Oy!  Our thermometer is actually edging a little below … Continue reading

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tread, tread, tread

Things feel vaguely weird these days, and I’m getting an idea of why that may be… The Mom hasn’t had to do any baking for SO long! (Was it last week?)  Ah well, it’ll soon be time to load up … Continue reading

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develop raw honesty

Well, they’re back once again from a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend–and they brought a little bit of Heaven back with them:  one of Nanny’s Pumpkin pies!!  With strong suggestions to be sure and leave it in the freezer until The Student … Continue reading

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happy Yom Kippur, Atonement, and Thanksgiving (correct my terms?)

First item of business for today will be packing for a weekend at Nanny & Pappy’s–Home of the Best Pumpkin Pie and Best Apple Pie in the Universe!!  It’s really quite excruciating if you have to choose only one or … Continue reading

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the value of children

We feel like sermonizing this morning… "If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks.    If God doesn’t guard the city,       the night watchman might as well nap.    It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, … Continue reading

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His mysterious ways

She’s far too emotional, The Mom, and she knows it–she feels dumpy when she knows she shouldn’t, and then a conversation with a doctor gets her so excited she can hardly sleep! You see, between dusting and washing windows yesterday, … Continue reading

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keep each other on your toes… we’re in this for the long haul

Our thermometer must be tilted… it says 1 degree BELOW freezing!  But we don’t see any frost.  Still, The Mom brought her plants in yesterday–just in time! It’s supposed to get warmer this week, though, heading into the weekend.  It … Continue reading

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sermon notes

We confess, there is often such a feeling of laziness on a Sunday after church, that it’s hard to get these sermon notes down–and sometimes they must come across rather haphazard. Which would never do justice to the great speakers … Continue reading

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step back, and step forward again

Just sitting here relaxing, having a pleasant visit with home-from-rez Student. Yesterday was a "bubble-burst" day.  Sam came down with a bad flu Wednesday night (5 other kids on his floor had it), and it triggered a flare-up of his … Continue reading

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more medley

Yikes!  The thermometer in our back yard says ONE degree Celsius!  That’s only one degree above FREEZING…but the furnace isn’t on yet!  You see, being a townhouse with units on either side of us, helps keep us warm. There are … Continue reading

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