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Oh my, it’s so beautiful out back right now.  It seems like "suddenly", all the leaves are yellow, and half of them are on the ground, with many still on the branches.  So the yellow sun is reflecting on all the other yellow… and every few minutes, in the breeze-free stillness, a flutter of several yellow "flakes" comes down to add to the "carpet".

We’ve had SUCH pleasant weather!  Mind you, there have been some cold days sprinkled into the mix, which up-and-down temps are hazardous for cold-germs.  In fact, Sam is home with it now, hoping some solid sleep and Neo-citron will help him get his voice back–a rather important thing for a journalism student doing interviews!  (He’s at the point of sounding much worse than he actually feels.)  Well, at least he doesn’t have the pressure of that job he’d been "sure" of (online reporting for the US elections):  apparently the professor misunderstood the requirements.  What was wanted was the perspective of American "students in Canada" NOT "Canadian students". 

The Mom is all excited ‘cos she’s "renovated" her schedule.  After several years of doing things the same way, it’s refreshing to change things up.  She’s thinking that rather than spread out the "big" things to different days, if she loads up a couple of days, she may regularly have some whole days free to do spring-cleaning-type stuff.  This didn’t work when there was Kid-reason to tire one out each day, but it might work now, along with the plan to have one meal per week "out".

Sermon notes… a whole week is rather LATE, for thinking of last Sunday’s sermon, but we may be able to summarize this week’s with sermons to follow, since we’ve started a series on The Shack.  (Have any of you read it?)  Must say though, that it gave The Mom a very good feeling to see Rob wearing his "official robes"–just because it’s a reminder of how good it must feel for him to finally be ordained.  Well, probably also because she’s a very visual person.  (Our ministers don’t wear their robes every Sunday, but on special days like All Saint’s Sunday, they often do.)

So, last Sunday we had a guest speaker, who covered all THREE parables from Matthew 25.  Wouldn’t you know it, Sam happened to come that Sunday, and even The Mom found it a bit loooong!!  But we are going to summarize what we got out of it VERY briefly.  The parables were:  the ten virgins (5 were ready, 5 ran out of oil when the Bridegroom arrived), the talents (two servants invested and multiplied the talents, one buried it), and separating the sheep and the goats (depending on whether they had treated others as they would treat Jesus).  The thing that comes out of each of them, is about knowing.  When the 5 unprepared virgins try to get into the wedding feast late, the Bridgegroom says he doesn’t know them.  The servant who buried the one talent that was given him, CLAIMS he knows the Master (a "hard" man), but he’s obviously got it wrong.  The people in the sheep-goats tale, should know Jesus in the faces of those they meet every day… and if they know His heart, they show compassion. 

Walk to Rivendell:  Still mushing in the Marshes!

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