God be with you!

Well, better start by letting most of our flist know that we’re especially praying for you today… as you go to the polls.  Sam will be "watching" the goings-on tonight, since one of his professors is a commentator on a Canadian radio program, and you know what that means (he has no choice!)  And, not that it has anything to do with it, but–we’re supposed to get record-breaking temperatures today:  a high of TWENTY CELSIUS!! (That’s 70 degrees F.)  Even though it’s only a few degrees above freezing right now.

Hmmm… just thinking about notes for last Sunday’s sermon… What we really want to do, is note what an excellent job Rob did of blending so many things together.  You see, not only was it All Saints’ Sunday, but one of our members was dedicating their son, plus it was time to begin the series on The Shack. One thing that book (sort of similar to Pilgrim’s Progress) misses, is the importance of community–which is what we note on All Saints’ Day of course.  (Although he does capture the community of the triune God.)  And since the little boy being dedicated is named Kaylib, and his brother is Josh–Rob was able to remind us of the two Israelite spies who bravely told the others that God would help them with the "Giants in the Land".  We all have our own "giants" to tackle, of course!  Plus, we all have "giants" to remember, who had an important influence in our lives.  (To use the word with opposite meanings.)

The interesting thing about The Shack, is that the author is a salesman, who wrote this one novel that became a bestseller.  The Mom was a little disappointed when she first startted to read it, because it’s not so much a story as a theological discussion; however, he does a fascinating portrayal of God.

Walk to Rivendell:  We camp in the western part of the Marshes.

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