drip, drip, drip

Something that seems to come up rather often in the Proverbs, is the one about the nagging wife being like a leaky faucet, etc.  So when does it become "nagging"?  What do you do if someone keeps forgetting to do something they’ve said they would do?  The only thing seems to be to just do it yourself, without saying anything.  Of course, that doesn’t work for things that require the person to do it, not you.  Around here, there’s a custom to leave things out where they will remind you they need doing… but one does get tired of constantly reminding, and things piling up "out" where they shouldn’t be, making a mess!  Ah, well!

Here’s a good one from today’s reading, since The Mom was complaining the other day that she talks too much:

 "Overwork makes for restless sleep.
   Overtalk shows you up as a fool."
(Eccl. 5:3)

And this is exactly what we’ve been talking about at Club recently:
"We work to feed our appetites;
   Meanwhile our souls go hungry."
(Eccl. 6:7)

Walk to Rivendell:  Our camp is damp, cold, uncomfortable; and the biting insects won’t let us sleep.  BUT:  another pound has dropped off!!!

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