strike up the band!

Well, well, well, it’s my birthday today soon–good thing there are lj friends to remind me of it!  And what does a cat do for her birthday?  Hmmm… GOT IT:  lie around and sleep!  :D  ‘Course, it IS kind of a birthday present that the DOG is finally gone (we had one visiting all weekend)!  To think I’m now 10 years old… and never mind "cat years", I’m just 10, period.

The Mom is going to spend my birthday cleaning the wood floor, cooking for Alpha tonight, and taking a knee-replaced-friend to her doctor’s appointment.  But at least she gets to eat out at The Marriage Course tonight!

You know the story of Mary and Martha, where Martha complained that she was doing all the work while Mary sat at the feet of Jesus?  Well, guess you could say I’m like Mary and The Mom is like Martha.  I’m mentioning that because of something cool we read from Max Lucado this morning.  Remember too, that their brother Lazarus was raised from the dead, and because of his testimony many Jews followed Jesus…

"God gave Martha a bass drum of service. God gave Mary a flute for praise. And God gave Lazarus a trumpet. And he stood on center stage and played it.

God still gives trumpets. God still calls people from the pits. God still gives pinch-me-I’m-dreaming, too-good-to-be-true testimonies. But not everyone has a dramatic testimony. Who wants a band full of trumpets?

Some convert the lost. Some encourage the saved. And some keep the movement in step. All are needed."

Isn’t it interesting how often we need to be reminded of that?

EDIT:  Oooops!  My birthday is actually the 13th!!

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