the fun of housewifery

If you can believe it, The Mom actually said "It’s fun!" when a friend was exclaiming yesterday, about her wood-floor cleaning job!  The lady was amazed about how she moves all the furniture to vacuum before cleaning the floor with a wood-floor "mop", and does it twice a year.  It’s not such a big deal when you consider that it’s only the living-dining area, not the whole house.  But The Mom had to stop and wonder why she’d said "It’s fun!"  (Like Nanny saying she enjoys pulling weeds… but that IS wonderful with such wonderful fragrances coming up from the thymes and lavender you’re working in!)

Here’s the reason wood-floor-cleaning is fun:  she always does it just before a favourite holiday, that you work at the anticipation of, for weeks (Christmas and Easter).  So today all the fall decorations are cleared away, and there’s a clean "feeling in the air", AND an excitement… it’ll soon be time to celebrate the most important birthday in the world!!

For today, some summary-wisdom from our readings on Solomon:

Sow a thought — reap a word
Sow a word — reap an act
Sow an act — reap a habit
Sow a habit — reap a character
Sow a character — reap a destiny

Walk to Rivendell
:  At our camp in the Marshes, Sam asks:  "What do they live on when they can’t get hobbit?"

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