SUCH appropriate sermons!

It’s daylight!  It’s daylight now, because the treadmill workout came first this morning; and that matters for seeing the notes scribbled all over the bulletins, for the sermon notes.  (Remember that we insist on candlelight in the mornings, until the sun has risen.)

We’re going to summarize the last two weeks (you can tell, then, that neither of those weeks were Rob’s turn!  No offense to the others, it’s just what “jives” with our particular person.)  Craig is always an excellent speaker, but The Mom was afraid that he might be going “over the heads” of a few people (herself included, some of the time) as he talked about economics, etc…. but Nanny (they were visiting that weekend) quite enjoyed his sermon.  Then John spoke this past Sunday, and the same subject was in his sermon as well, though it was quite different.  We’ll just pick out the points that stood out for US.

From Craig:

  • As Christians, we should pay attention to the marketplace around us, and not withdraw.
  • In the current financial crisis, we should keep things in perspective (“we are in danger of hyper-ventilating”)–thinking of history, for example:  unemployment may currently be 6%, but in the depression it was 25%.
  • Capitalism and consumerism have become like a cancer (greed, competitiveness) infecting every cell of our spirit; BUT
  • God DOES use both capitalism and socialism–don’t react with knee-jerk responses.
  • While reality has been created by fiction (“paper money”), there ARE lots of Christian businessmen. 
  • We should not be anti-business, but salt and light in the business world.
  • Stop and THINK:  where is our security, as Christians?  How are we demonstrating that, to each other and to the world?  How can we help the Church to grow to that point?

From John:  he spoke on the parable of the selfish, Rich Man, who had to tear down his barns and build bigger ones, then sat back to “eat, drink and be merry”… and suddenly God came to him and said:  “You Fool!  Tonight your soul shall be required of you!”  (Yes, this series on the Parables is continuing… it seems that it’s only Rob who is using the “modern parable” of The Shack…. Oh, and it just happened that we were showing pictures this weekend from when the Club kids did some parable-skits–that was totally unrelated!)

Anyway, the main message we got from John’s sermon (he’s also an excellent speaker, by the way), is the reminder that we are NOT in control of our time.  We all have that one Appointment to keep, that we never know when it will come.  What will people say about us at our funeral?  John was a good one to do this parable, because he is related to certain very successful businessmen, who do a lot of good with their money (and insist on noone knowing about it)… he quoted someone as saying “I will NOT go to my grave a rich man.”

Walk to Rivendell:  We have started on our 11th day since we left Bag End, the 4th day out from Bree (October 3rd).

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