it’s never as bad as it seems

Sooooo pretty!  We should be putting up the tree today, but that would only block the Winter Wonderland view anyway.  One more week!  Sometimes we start sooner, but since December 25th falls on a Thursday this year, we decided to count that week (as is proper for church calendars).

Sam KEEPS coming home when he didn’t intend to!  He must have been home every weekend for the past 2 months!  This time is a little different though, as he’s hoping to be back at rez tomorrow–just home for the one day while his computer gets fixed.  It’s not too bad of a "disaster", since he did not lose anything at all.  Something about the Macs meant he was able to retrieve his work, so he’ll be able to continue working on his desktop at home, while the Mac gets fixed.  The thing to hope and pray for, is that it gets fixed by tonight!

Oh, and the other good thing is that it is still covered by the protection plan.

Well, there’s some thick, heavy shovelling to be done.  The storm started right when it was time to go to Club, so there wasn’t time to cancel–but not TOO many kids/parents decided to stay home.  The Mom was the only leader that made it for her group, but she just had 4 girls (gr. 1/2) to deal with–it was fun!

Walk to Rivendell:  Still in the Marshes!

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