never as bad as it seems part 2

Well, it’s still "never as bad as it seems"–Sam being home sick today.  Now we know why his meeting got cancelled until Monday.  Not only is he flu-ish, but he lost his ID card that he uses to eat with, and it can’t be replaced until Monday.  This is a perfect example of how things "work together for good", because:  it is the flu he has, since the friend he was with Wednesday was very sick with it yesterday, and he certainly does not want to pass that on to his Sweet Girl whom he would have seen over the weekend… especially with only a few days left of the term!  Plus, he’s been meaning to get a new card for awhile, since the other one was broken and not fitting on his ID neck-thingy.  So, it’s "all good"!

It just seems funny that he has been home pretty well every weekend since Thanksgiving, when he’d thought he wouldn’t be home as much this year!

Today it’s time to do another big "spring-cleaning" job, in the master bedroom.  Then we’ll be busy with fun Christmas things, like letters, cards, decorating, until January!

OH–something funny to end off with:  there’s a website called "Stupid Window’s".  We discovered it when having to do a google search on why Rej’s computer screen was facing sideways!!  In case you need to know, press ctrl+alt+arrow keys, to turn it around 90 degrees at a time.  o_0

Walk to Rivendell:  STILL in the Marshes!

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