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Boy, it’s really hard to make sure we post, before getting on to other things in the morning.  And if we get on to other things, it’s hard to go back and take the time to post!  And we don’t want too many days of not posting, or our HUGE base of FANS would give up on us!! (:P)  Besides, we just can’t let those excellent sermons “go to waste” by not making notes about them.

BUT–first things first:  WE HAVE A NEW PASTOR!!!!  Yes, after TWO LONG YEARS, we’ve finally found her!!  Of course, the congregation still has to “vote”, after we meet her at a couple of “teas” and hear her speak, but after all the hard work the committee has done–whose going to not trust their judgment??  And yes, you heard right:  “her” and “she”… one of our members gently “hoped” she’s not a feminist (not his words), but here’s a good hint against that:  she DID take her husband’s last name.  When we read off the list of her qualifications (including a PhD), Sam says she’s “over-qualified” for us.  Good!  That’s what we need!

We’ll be back later for sermon notes…

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