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OK, lets see if we can figure out Sunday’s Bulletin-Scribblings.  David did an excellent job with a parable that fit well for "Christ the King" Sunday.  The parable is the one where the Master has left the care of his vineyard to tenants, and later sends servants to collect fruit from it (apparently he had to collect some of the fruit regularly to remain the owner).  The ones left in charge kill each of the delegates that come, and the Master finally sends his own son–who also gets killed.  Jesus tells this parable after the cleansing of the temple (throwing over the tables, etc.), and the Pharisees had then asked Him what authority He had to do that.  Remember, He said He’d answer their question if they’d first answer His question (about John the Baptist); they couldn’t (fearing the crowds), so He didn’t answer theirs–not to be sort of "smart aleck", but because He knew that if they couldn’t understand the question He asked them, they would never be able to understand His answer to their quesiton.

However, He then goes on to tell this parable about authority.  Of course, it describes God’s love in sending His son when all else had failed.  The Pharisees even knew He was talking about them (being the ones who killed), and of course it made them angry.

But authority.  David pointed out that we may think we’re making Christ King in our lives because we read the Bible, pray and go to church, etc.; but the "question of authority comes when there are changes, or disturbances".  We resist doing it God’s way, preferring our own way instead.  Sometimes we need God’s judgement in our lives–JUDGEMENT = "justice, putting it right"–maybe some flipping of tables, "cleansing" of things/ways we’ve been holding on to, resisting change.  Only when we submit to that, are we really making Christ King.

There has been some discussion among our church members over the last several months, reminding ourselves to be open to God doing something "different"–to change, etc.  And now see what’s happened–we’re to have a female pastor!  The Mom has no problem with it, she would have been quite comfortable under our Children’s Pastor, but she wasn’t applying for the job of Lead Pastor.  Anyway, pastors are not so much leaders as servants, right?

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