Well, she’s done it again!  The Mom heard Rej get up and figured it was time for her to get up, she FORGOT to wait for the alarm–it was only 5:30!!  And she could have slept a lot more, too.  She’s been feeling very tired for a few days now, hopefully some (more) early nights (and FEWER 5:30 mornings!) will soon put it to rights.

But what she’s gone and done!  You know how the early evening feels so… yucky, with the dark coming on so early.  Well, she decided she just had to have something lighted and cheerful, something green and tall… yes, she’s gone and put the Tree up already!  Mind you, she’s determined not to decorate until the weekend.  But I’M excited–I LOVE the tree!  When it’s decorated I’ll sit under there and pretend I’m one of the gifts.

After all, it will be nicer to work on Christmas cards with at least some decorations around you.  We’re starting some of these things a little later this year, thinking we have lots of time… we’ll see!

Walk to Rivendell:  Finally we’re stopping for the night–camping in the eastern part of the Marshes.

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