nothing can harm you

In our reading lately (we’re up to 2 Kings), we’ve come across one of our favourite themes.  It’s the story where King Jehoshaphat places the praise team at the head of the line going into battle.  Because the first thing we need to do for any kind of battle, is worship God.  Worship is what releases our faith, which releases God’s power.  It was what saw The Mom through those difficult days when her son was so sick, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong.  You just have to stop and think about God–how mighty He is, how much higher His thoughts are than yours.  It’s like a small child resting in the arms of his/her strong father.  The child just can’t understand everything, but it doesn’t try to–it doesn’t need to.  God teaches us what we can handle, as we travel, and we’ll never be totally educated until we get There.

But that kinda reminds The Mom of a little girl at Club last night.  She’s the cutest thing (grade 2), who speaks with the "British accent" that little ones often do (The Mom’s sister did it when she was little).  During the colouring-time, she stopped and closed her eyes, and started this humming.  The Mom thought "oh no, where did she learn this trance-stuff!"  But then she sang the song:  a lullaby.  She sang it over and over–taught it to them, and The Mom felt like she couldn’t wait to try it out on a baby.  But, old lady that she is–she’s already forgotten it!! She should bring her camera and record it.

"Na na na…" (with humming–something like that); "Mother is with you, Nothing can harm you…"

(A real rocking-chair song.)

Walk to Rivendell:  On Day 11 we travelled 15 miles, for a total of 194 since we left Bag End.

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