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Funny how the weekend seems to be an excuse not to follow our "rules" about NOT checking email and Facebook BEFORE posting!  In fact, we’ve already finished the last of the Marriage Course homework, plus assigned scripture passages for next year’s Lenten Devotional booklet (our "second annual"!)  The Mom was excited that she got to be the one to do that part this year, since a natural benefit of that job is that you can pick which one YOU want… and then she couldn’t decide, so ended up throwing her name "in the hat" with the rest of them.  Turns out she got The Ten Commandments, so yesterday’s post might help for that.

Even though things feel busy, we’re keeping on top of it, and having fun!  Last night The Mom finished decorating her tree… I tried to help, but she kept telling me to leave things alone.  The theme this year is "memories"–quite fitting since The Boy turns 21 on Dec. 20th!  Rej laughed because Sam will not appreciate having people see the rattles, "Baby’s First Christmas" ornaments, grade-school & nursery-school homemade decorations, etc.; but The Mom said "he’s 21–he can just DEAL with it!" :-)

Speaking of himself, they’ll be bringing him Home for the Holidays today–after cleaning out his room, using up some meal plan money for lunch & supper, and going out to hear the Sweet Girl sing in the choir.  GREAT way to start the season!!

No news about Cinderella (her doctor hasn’t sent her more info yet, so she’ll have to wait til Monday); except that she seems to be OK… she posted her latest ultrasound pics on Facebook today, and thanked The Mom for her message of support, saying it "really means a lot". 

Walk to Rivendell:  While we’re camped, we see flashes of light in the east, during the night.

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