waiting for the coming

The time comes around again, and we wonder why we think we need to do Advent devotionals… why do we think that what WE have to say is so important?  Mind you, there are some from previous years that we enjoy reading again–but others that are more embarrassing.

Ah well, I guess that’s just what we do (pretend we have something good to say)So, here we are to do Advent devotionals again.  At the same time, The Mom is working on the devotional booklet for Lent/Easter 2009!  The exciting part about that one, is all the new people she was able to get signed up this morning, of ALL ages–YAY!

So we’re feeling a little less organized this year, but at least we do have a sort-of theme-title for our Advent ramblings:  "View from the Stable".

What are we doing in the stable?  Well, it’s cool in here, but at least it’s a shelter from the wind.  And what we’re doing is peeking out the crack of the door, into the darkness.  We’re waiting for something, though we’re not sure exactly what… Is it something good or bad?  Something scary?  We keep looking out, searching for it, whatever it is.  Waiting and waiting, and waiting…

EDIT: See, that’s what I mean about embarrassing ourselves… we just had to go back and change a couple of things in this, that were not very clear.

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