God loves Crystal SO much!!

Facebook status:

Crystal is thinking about my 3 sweethearts.  Michel you’re my guardian angel and my rock and my babies are my life.  I love you so much!

Comment:  It sounds like you are so happy Crystal!!  That’s completely awesome!

Crystal:  Thank you.  I really am.  I’ve got a great husband and 2 fantastic kids and another baby on the way.  Life is good.

Crystal is the girl you’ve been praying for ("Cinderella"), the one who’s just found out that she’s expecting a Down’s Syndrome baby; she wrote that just this morning… 
Looks like God is answering prayer (in her heart, at least)!  Not that we’re surprised that she’s so aware of her blessings; but it certainly looks like her husband is being supportive, too.  There wasn’t any news/announcement "out" yet, so we assume she’s still waiting for the "confirming" report.  But we’ve been looking it up on the internet, and (if Wikipedia can be trusted) apparently it’s kind of rare that a Down’s Syndrome baby will be severely disabled; though we do have two in our church who are at opposite ends of the spectrum.  No matter what, this baby can still bring a lot of joy into the world.  She has the advantage of knowing all about it beforehand, preparing herself to love it all the more:  the two ladies in our church did not know (their kids are teenagers now); one was told she could leave the hospital and they would put him up for adoption, the other wasn’t told because they didn’t think the baby would survive (she’s presently in high school).

The Mom’s comment after Crystal?

Comment:  That’s why God loves giving you all these "presents"–you take such delight in them!
And the "difficult presents" carry their own special joy, because of what you’ve gone through with them.
So be patient with all the animals in this stable.  It may be stinky and crowded sometimes, but if we kicked them out, it would be COLD!!

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