your eyes have to adjust

We’re reading several devotionals now, since it’s so hard to choose from all the Advent ones we have from past years.  At least we’re not getting any new ones!  They’re all by Henry Nouwen–GREAT stuff!  This morning’s was about being taken where you don’t want to go–and our other reading (Through the Bible in a Year) just happened to be Jonah!  Now there’s a guy who did NOT want to go where God was leading him.  But when you DO accept what God is doing in your life, no matter how hard it seems at the time–you’ve surrendured to Him, you’ve trusted that He knows more than you do.  There’s more to life than what YOU can see.  And when you decide to trust, He begins to open your eyes so that you CAN see better, deeper.

Remember the dwarves in the stable? (C.S. Lewis)  They could not see when the walls were gone, they were so sure that they were still inside the dark stable; because they just refused to believe that Aslan could do it.  They robbed themselves of the light.

There are icy blasts of wind blowing into our stable, making the candlelight flicker quite low.  But hold on… wait… patience… our eyes will soon adjust.

Walk to Rivendell:  We reach the eastern edge of the Marshes.

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