what’s your hurry?

The thing about enjoying a sleep-in on Saturdays, is that everyone is up & talking and it’s hard to concentrate on what you want to post!  However, the daylight is strong now, so that we can see to copy some neat things we want to share before this week’s theme of "patience, waiting" is finished.  (Did you realize there was a theme?  We didn’t really stick to it all the time though.)

Yes, waiting.  It gets harder and harder in today’s world of faster & faster computer stuff, etc.  The Mom notices it for herself when she’s sitting in traffic.  It used to be you had to wait for things to download/upload, whatever, but now if she has to wait any more than a few seconds, she gets mad.  I guess those who have dial-up get to learn patience!

"Waiting seems a dry desert between where we are and where we want to be.  We do not enjoy such a place.  We want to move out of it and do something worthwhile."

Also, consider the aspect of fear.  Fear makes it very hard to wait, and may cause you to act aggressively, or destructively.  You’re worried that something may happen if someone doesn’t act soon; you’re worried about what people are thinking in the silence, so you speak out; you fear the consequences of being late, you’re afraid of losing control of your schedule if you have to wait too long, and so on.

"Here are some ways to practice patience in an ordinary day:  choose the longer checkout line at the grocery, avoid looking at the clock when you are waiting for something, hold off on checking the mail… God uses such ordinary moments to help us grow into people filled with Christ’s own life.  But we must allow that to happen."

It seems like we’ve been in this stable FOREVER!

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