The theme goes from waiting/patience last week, to suffering/sacrifice this week.  So one of our Henry Nouwen readings happens to fit perfectly for blending them together:  “Patience comes from the word ‘patior’ which means to suffer.”  Jesus talks about suffering being like birth pains.  That is always such a great example of something very painful resulting in joy; and of course, Mary’s joy was especially special! 

“And so, what seems a hindrance becomes a way; what seems like an obstacle becomes a door; what seems a misfit becomes a cornerstone… To wait patiently therefore means to allow our weeping and wailing to become the purifying preparation by which we are made ready to receive the joy which is promised us.”


My, that ALSO fits so well with the speaker we had today, who is a missionary to persecuted Christians in Viet Nam.  But we’ll save those notes for later!

But The Mom did end up being a perfect example of NOT having patience.  First, she signed up too many people for the Lenten Devotional last Sunday; then since Rob wasn’t there today, she thought she’d better speak to someone about maybe being an “understudy” instead of being slotted in to write. That person didn’t really seem altogether happy about that.  Several minutes later, someone who had originally signed up informed The Mom that she wouldn’t be able to write a piece after all! If only she’d just WAITED!  Oh well.

Other exciting things going on:  CINDERELLA is coming for a visit!!!  She has a doctor’s appointment in Toronto tomorrow, so she and her husband and her mom (The Sister) will be staying over night tonight.  So the stable may be crowded, but cozy!

Walk to Rivendell:  The land starts to rise, as we continue on this 12th day (Oct. 4th), the 5th day since we left Bree.


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