who gets the last word

Well, our Company came back for one day, since another appointment was made for the next morning, but they SEEM to be gone now!  The Mom sure enjoyed having them visit.  It meant she didn’t have to treadmill!  Apparently Crystal’s (Cinderella’s) blood work showed that even though she’s only in her mid-20’s, her risk-factors are as if she was 35.  So the test she has today will let her know for sure (in two weeks), what/if there’s anything "risky" about the baby.

Now for the sermon notes.  This speaker was another missionary who knows about persecuted Christians; he has worked with them in Viet Nam for many years.  These Christians just consider persecution a "given", and hardly worth mentioning.  Jesus said that if they hate Him, they’ll hate "you" as well.  Their endurance is inspired by Hope, and hope in the Bible = "a sure thing" (Hebrews 6:19).  After all, "death is just a part of life".

And in the past 30-odd years, the Church (meaning a people, not buildings) in Viet Nam has grown by eight. hundred. percent!

Reg talked about how the Gospels spend an equal amount of chapters–four chapters each–on each of the two comings of Christ (first/past and second/future); and though we regularly celebrate the first coming of Christ, we rarely talk about the Second Coming.  Both of them contain HOPE.  Of course, Christ is a very different King for each of them:  a King in hearts for the first one, and a conquering, putting-to-rights King in the second one.

So, do you often find it rather crude and uncomfortable in this stinky stable?  Deal with it.  (Is THAT in the Bible?!)  Remember that "we have not been promised a life free from sorrow, but one in which joy will have the last word."
(Henry Nouwen)

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