it’s not hard when it’s FUN!

How ’bout a post just about what we’re doing these days–that’s different, eh?  :-)  We’ll try to make it short, since you had so much to read yesterday!

Well, Club is now officially finished until January 14th, and the Fun-Busy-Christmas things about to begin!  Today The Mom will do her Christmas shopping (*sticks out tongue at those who are already DONE*), and wrap on Saturday while the guys are out shopping.  Also to do while they’re not around, is BAKING:  pecan bars for the potluck on Monday, sandwiches for the congregational meeting on Sunday, and shortbread cookies for US (well, I’d prefer cat treats, actually).  It has to be done while they’re not around, so that they won’t eat it ALL, even before it’s baked.  Meanwhile, Sam has this year’s Christmas letter "in hand", since he’s the Editor this year, employing some of the things he’s been learning in his journalism courses.  No more to be said about that–must leave it for a surprise!  (Hopefully it won’t get mailed too late, although people can still enjoy it over the holiday–even if it arrives AFTER the 25th!)

On Sunday our "potential" new pastor will be preaching, and the congregation meets and votes on accepting her right afterwards.  Tomorrow the Sweet Girl is coming over for the afternoon (or earlier), and we’re all going out to a concert at the church:  great music!!

We’ve told it in a disorganized way, but don’t worry, we’ve got it under control!

It’s COLD in the stable this morning!  Minus 12 Celsius!

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