soooooo many BEAUTIFUL things!!!!

  • "The Moon on the crest of the newfallen snow"–did you see it last night?  Our snow wasn’t "newfallen", but the FULL moon made it look so!
  • The Ali Matthews concert at our church last night–fantastic music.
  • Sam sitting rigid and determined-to-be-dignified in the pew last night (oh yes. It was beautiful.) with the two Women in his Life whooping during applause, jumping up and down in delight, giggling at babies with hiccups, swaying to the music, and singing along whenever they could get away with it!  To his credit, he was able to laugh when The Mom told him she was going to make sure to sit right beside him next time, so that he’d have the two Sisters in Exciteableness close on either side!
  • The excitement of introducing people to our Sweet Treasure, and her parents; and enjoying said family being impressed with our church, and said Girl meeting our (potential) Lead Pastor & wanting to hear her speak!
  • NEWS FROM CINDERELLA:  although the ultrasound showed signs of Downs Syndrome, the amnio-test-thingy report came back yesterday, and the baby is completely "NORMAL"!  Thanks for praying!
  • The Mom gets all today to herself to do the baking & wrapping things (the guys are having their shopping day and then have some work to do).

So, it seems like there isn’t anything to keep us to this week’s theme of "sacrifice/suffering"… unless we mention Sam’s computer being completely DEAD the other night (and the Christmas Letter thereby delayed)–until they discovered a few hours later that it was only a faulty power supply (whew!)  The NEXT night, ANOTHER computer died, but at least it was just the "extra"/storage one.  They’ll have the "suffering" of reinstalling Windows to do on that one.

It’s a busy stable these days–gotta get it all cleaned up, just in case… you never know Who might come…

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