But she still has to give notice to her present congregation, so we can’t talk about her TOO much.  She won’t be starting until early April.

But today.  Today was a fantastic demonstration of how organized our Pastoral Relations Committee has been:  because of the get-to-know-her meetings that they’d set up in the weeks previous, there was absolutely NO discussion at the meeting (you know, when they present the motion to hire as lead pastor, and ask if there’s any discussion); and the vote was 95% in favour!!

And something else that is kinda confirming…  At the end of her sermon this morning (the first one she’s given here, that she preached before the congregational vote), she got people to write down something that they needed to "let go" of, and there were several questions to help your thinking about what that may be.  Then you were to bring that paper up to the front and drop it into the recycling bin, and pick up a scripture–she had various scriptures typed out on slips of paper, so that each person would pick up a different one (or there may have been some the same).  The Mom wrote down things to give up so that she could get a better sleep at night, like reading, puzzles, etc.  And that’s how she put it down–giving up those things for a better night’s rest.  The scripture she picked up starts out: "Find rest, O my soul, in God alone;" (Psalm 62:5-8).  Neat, eh?

We’re getting close to the theme of Joy (but this new week it’s "simplicity"), and there was a lot of joy at the end of that meeting this morning… a lot of relief for those who have worked so hard for 2 years, looking for a new pastor, who were wondering how the congregation would respond.  No one really knew for sure how the vote would come out, though of course they hoped that people would trust the committee that they’d voted for in the first place.  Many I’m sure, were beginning to wonder if we’d EVER be able to find a new lead pastor.  Finally, this particular journey is over.  Congratulate us!

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