a few of my favourite things…

We just can’t keep from re-using some of our posts from last year’s advent, for this week’s theme; changed slightly for this year.  Sorry about that… 

This week’s theme is one of our absolute favourites.  In fact, simplicity was a "founding purpose" for this blog!  Because God doesn’t always speak by writing in the sky, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Most often, it’s that still, small, voice, that you have to quiet yourself for if you want to hear it.  If you take time to note the small wonders around you, you’ll soon discover that He speaks very often.

So right now:  look up from your computer.  What do you see that your eyes would like to linger on?  What are some of your favourite simple things?

  • flickering candlelight, fading as the sun rises
  • a brighter sky this morning, to cheer up a cold world out there!
  • glitter sparkling in the sunlight
  • a cozy spot to curl up under the tree here
  • the distant sound of lambs bleating, the near sound of a donkey munching…

Walk to Rivendell:  We are camping among stunted alder trees, by a stream.

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