is it possible to MAKE you read this???!!

Understandably, some people just get tired of simple every-day-routine, and simple words… Our weather reporter, for example.  He/she has made us laugh before; it seems every time there is a storm warning, they snatch at the opportunity…

"With the first 10 cm snowfall now fading into memory..The second in a fascinating series of significant snowstorms is bearing down on southern Ontario…. racing northeast…. will cruise northeast…. It is not entirely out of the question for one or two locales to get up to 30 cm should an embedded lake effect snowsquall develop over Lake Ontario today as suggested by some of the computer models….. winds of 40 gusting to 60 km/h will be… adding to its white bite." 
How’s that for a piece of work? :D

But speaking of this week’s theme, AND speaking of great writing, we have something to share with you that is anything BUT simple. (That’s rather backwards… oh well!)  One of our lj friends had to do a speech at her church, on the subject of creation, and what she wrote up was excellent–we think you Intellectuals will appreciate it!

Actually, we wish there was a way we could just MAKE EVERYONE read this article–it’s SO beautiful!!  We should just type it out, put it in gift boxes, and send it to everyone we love!

Here’s the link to

 ‘s article:  ductus arteriosus

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