put down that glass of water, even just for a minute…

A combination from two of our posts from last year–

A simple glass of water is not very heavy, but if you stand there holding it all day, it becomes very heavy.  If you put it down just for a short time, you will be able to pick it up again later and carry on.

We’re trying to get people to just stop for a few minutes, in their rushing-around-day.  Stop and enjoy something simple…

We find that it’s good to remind ourselves every once in awhile, that the truth is really quite simple.  Sometimes we like to be "deep", and we end up making things seem a lot more complicated than they really are.  This is especially true with God’s Word.  It is not His intention that we have to study long and hard before we can possibly understand His purpose.  There are not hidden meanings peaking out between every line!

And the main, simple fact is:  "Whoever believes in Him, will have eternal life."  All that’s required is to believe!  And if you have difficulty with that, God even wants to supply it for you–just ask.

Okay, that’s our gospel message for this time around! :)
((…for the SECOND time around! :))

Walk to Rivendell:  On this 12th day of travel, we’ve gone 17 miles, for a total of 211 since we left Bag End.

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