The Mom feels like making one of her complaining-lists, so we’ll let her get it off her chest:

  • I was so, so excited about Sweet Girl coming for Sam’s surprise birthday party, but she was sick… why do I have to keep feeling disappointed about it–why can’t I just accept that God knows best???!
  • I was also excited about Sam’s cousin going to drop in, as she’d indicated she might, but we never heard back… a SECOND disappointment about his surprise party!  (But otherwise, everything went well–he was surprised, and had a good time with family + a couple of friends, and LOTS of food!)
  • We should have been a little wiser about how much food to buy.  We got WAY too much!
  • My niece brought a plate of cookies, my sister brought a plate of cookies, my mom brought a plate of cookies… PLUS, we still have cookies waiting in the freezer!!!
  • NEXT DAY (Nanny & Pappy stayed overnight):  the cinnamon buns weren’t cooked enough, so not as absolutely delicious as they were before;
  • the ribs we bought at Costco’s–were packaged so that you couldn’t see the layer underneath, which was thick, gristly, YUCKY!  And after such a delicious sauce that I made, that we’d tried and enjoyed such fantastic ribs BEFORE!!
  • the movie we downloaded to show them how nice our high definition TV is, was not half as good as a lot of other movies we could have chosen (in fact, it was rather a lame comedy–Fred Claus, or something like that).


So!  That all said, she did experience a welling up of joy during the service yesterday, just thinking about the missionary couple whose daughter is taking after them–being so glad to have people like that in the world.  A great way to start the last week of Advent, with the theme of JOY!

EDIT:  Later in the day, and we now feel like making a list of POSITIVE things!

  • Sam got a good mark on his last paper.
  • The sun was shiny & cheerful today, and The Mom was able to get out for a walk in the crisp-fresh air, on the squeaky snow, for a second evening-in-a-row (last night was a pleasant walk with Pappy).
  • The cookies got sorted out (which are whose favourites)–and it doesn’t seem so bad when they’re divided up between the three of them.
  • Sam also "passed with flying colours" his DENTAL exam–and his gums are improving!
  • The Mom is getting caught up on her work, so that she’ll soon be able to feel that she’s on HOLIDAY!
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