get phsyical

Today’s theme, believe it or not, is "physical". It was kind of a new thought for us, a few years ago, when a preacher said that the body is JUST as important as the spirit, and that you should NOT try to separate them.  More recently, The Mom & The Dad have been learning in their Marriage Course, that the (fun!) physical part is extremely important to the relationship (duhh!! But people do forget that!)  We also recall a statistic that sick people get better much easier when they’ve got someone to simply hold their hand.

Of course, at this time of year there are lots of physical things going on:  hugging, jumping up and down in excitement, dancing… what about the shepherds–have you ever noticed that it doesn’t say they "went" around telling people about what they’d seen, but they "ran"!  And they fell down and worshiped Him… which could translate to us kneeling in prayer today, or raising hands in worship.  (I’ll just stick to meowing!)

Oh, and don’t forget the physical things of OVEREATING, and making New Year’s Resolutions that come up as a result of that!

The activity for today is obvious:  do something physical!  Pick something that you don’t usually do, or haven’t done for a long time–whether that be hugging, or kneeling in prayer… or maybe some exercise? ;-)

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