Fourth Day of Christmas… unwelcome company?

Today’s theme is people.  Amazing species, those.  Such a huge variety–many more varieties than us cats, I think!  If you consider the Christmas Story, there were poor people, kings, smelly shepherds, religious people…  Today there are educated, ignorant, loud smart alecks and quiet, wise ones; gleeful children, lonely seniors (OR–happy seniors and lonely children, of course!)  Doctors, politicians, store clerks, truck drivers, janitors.  Proud braggarts, gossips, optimists, people who can’t say no (some to bad habits, others to doing anything for you).  Your relatives who never stop talking, your family member who stops to say “I love you” for no reason in particular.  Ones who do all the cleaning up, others who do all the eating…

And God loves them all!  Not only that, but He BECAME one of them!  “…he does not take on something alien to himself [in becoming human], he does not act against or in spite of his divine self.  On the contrary, it is in his servanthood that God chooses to reveal himself as God to us.” (Nouwen)

Our activity for this day last year, was to call up that person who annoys you… but that’s just too hard! :P  Think of him/her, and pray for them.  Try to think of his/her good points.


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