get down, get dirty

The theme for this day last year, says "Dirt, Animals"… excuse me?  Why do those two have to go together?  Couldn’t we just naturally move from "people" (yesterday’s theme), to "animals"?  There may not be AS large a variety of cats as humans, but there is CERTAINLY a huge variety of animals!  And although we’ve read that Mary and Joseph probably couldn’t afford a donkey, we’ve also read that it was actually a common thing for animals to live-in with the people, in Baby Jesus’ day.  Yes indeed, it was the intelligent thing to do–keep the animals inside where they could provide a fair amount of heat!  Mind you, they would occupy a slightly lower floor around the perimeter of the main room (if we’re remembering what we read, correctly).

Well, dirt may go with other animals, but not with us cats!  But the point was that with most things that you enjoy, you have to put up with a certain amount of dirt.  For example, haven’t you noticed that the most delicious foods are very messy? Like chicken wings, ribs, cotton candy… what else?  (I’m not so good at thinking of them, since I just like my cat treats.)

The other point was that dirt is good for your ego, since everyone needs a little humility once in awhile.  People who insist on eating pizza with a knife and fork, need to allow themselves to get a little dirty!  Pie in the face is a great cure for snobbishness. :D

The activity for today is obvious–do something to "get down and dirty"!

Walk to Rivendell:  It’s a very clear day, with frost.

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