coloured with love

Today’s theme is “colour”.  There are so many ways you could go with that one!  Right now, the sun has (finally) come out, to colour up our world–BUT, there are snowflakes falling.  Is white a colour?  There may be different shades of “white”, but the true white sure gives a feeling of brightness, pureness.  Wait… how can there be so much snow falling if the sun is shining!?  If this were the summer, there would be a rainbow.  Speaking of colour!  (Oh–NOW the clouds have come!)

One of The Mom’s favourite ways to think about colour, is in terms of a puzzle–a thing that she just loves to do.  Of course, that’s one of the suggested activities for today–along with other things that might help you relax.  It’s a fact that adults can benefit greatly from having their own colouring book.  Choose a picture of those colourful characters from the Christmas story:  the wise men.  Well, they would have been physically  (“materially”?) colourful, but I’m sure there were other types of “colourful characters”!

Our assistant pastor’s sermons have been quite “colourful” lately… in fact, the Christmas Eve one was kind of poetic, and The Mom is hoping to download it from the internet, to make notes.  It was also interspersed with some rather enjoyable skits, put on by members of the congregation–but the whole service was only an hour, appreciated by most people I’m sure! (Especially those who don’t usually attend church!)

Last Sunday there was still lots of carol-singing (and a shorter service), and Rob reminded us of some of the reasons for celebrating TWELVE days of Christmas:  for one thing, it’s better than trying to pack everything, all the excitement, preparation, etc. into one day.  But as Rob said, Christian rituals should be evangelistic (“including”, reaching out, pointing to Jesus).  The scripture used from Galatians 4, is where Paul is exasperated with Christians for going back to insisting on following every letter of the Mosaic law–because Christ died to release us from that.  Because now we realize that we can NEVER save ourselves by ANYTHING we can do–we just have to accept Jesus’ sacrifice “once for all”.  Of course, that doesn’t mean that we can just do whatever we want… it means that we are careful to discern the Spirit’s leading, which sometimes may mean NOT doing the usual, expected thing.  As Rob said, Christians should not be defined by what we are against.

Oh, and we appreciated the note that “Family” is not the “be-all and end-all”, that we should be careful not to make an idol out of Family.  For example, “Family” gets used a lot at this time of year, as an excuse for over-spending, etc.

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