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Today is a good day to mention the Wise Men again, since it’s usually a day for dressing-up, like “royalty”.  The “three kings” is the main story for Epiphany (the “season of light”), which is the culmination of the 12 Days of Christmas.  They followed a certain Light, to find Jesus.

My Three were treated like royalty last night, when they went to visit a relative-by-marriage (The Dad’s side) whom they haven’t seen for awhile.  This lady has always been an Entertainer-Extradordinaire.  She had everything just right, with a small taste of homemade spiced rum & crackers with 3 different kinds of cheese, while waiting for supper; then a lovely homemade red pepper soup, and light salad with her delicious homemade salad dressing; then steaks that were better than anything they’d ever tasted… oh, and the vegetables were good too!  Then–homemade fudge, cookies, turtle pie, Bailey’s ice cream, tea, and and… my goodness!  They finally moved to the living room for a final chit-chat over eggnog, and while insisting that she could look after the dishes herself, she sent home the rest of the oak-flavoured wine that she didn’t care for, along with a couple of battery-operated tea lites.  All in all, it was a very “high class” evening!  The best part was that she was RAVING about our audio Christmas letter.  We’d been a little nervous about it, knowing some people might say they prefer something in their hands that they can read.  (But of course there are some non-sighted cousins who were also very pleased about an audio version!)

Moving on to TODAY…  although they felt like they should have dressed up a little better last night, they definitely have to dress up for tonight.  It’s the “Party Night of the Year” for a lot of people, but these guys are celebrating by taking in some live theatre:  The Sound of Music!  Sam bought the tickets awhile ago, and also looked up the restaurant they’re going to afterwards:  “Fred’s Not Here”.  Yes, that’s the name of the restaurant!

So for YOUR activity… even if you’re not going anywhere special, be sure to dress up.  After all, you are a child of the King of Kings!

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