Ninth Day of Christmas

So how has your start to the New Year been?  We’re thinking it hasn’t really started until the holidays are over.  Actually, each new month is a reason to start afresh–as well as each new week, each new DAY!

Our reading this morning (the same verse we shared last year), says “Start with God–the first step in learning is bowing down to God.” (Prov. 1:7)  Therein is our theme for today:  Wisdom.  But The Mom likes the theme in her email Verse-of-the-Day, about resting… “At the end of the year, it sure is nice to be invited to rest in Jesus. [Matt. 11:28]  So before we begin a new year, let’s pause and place our hopes, our future, our dreams, and especially our burdens down at his feet and let him give us rest.”  Now that would be employing some wisdom!  (You may have noticed in yesterday’s meme that The Mom is determining to get better rest at night.)

So to give you a very “restful” activity, how about something that only involves thinking?  THINK of all the ways that you already use wisdom, OR ways that you want to be wiser!

Now before we leave the idea of “Review” for the past year, here’s a fun thing that we did last year:  copy the first sentence from each month’s journal entry…

Soon it will be time to get back to… ordinary life, reality, life as usual, work, school, routine, the mundane.  It’s a NEW MONTH!!  Oh no, she wants to do this again!  Do you ever feel tired of everything?  Wooooohooooo!!!!  Another interesting service this morning… we’re sure it’s another “brain child” of Creative Rob:  various people sat on a “panel”, to answer any questions to do with our current series about stewardship, “Heirs of the Kingdom”.   Well, The Mom still fits in this chair, so I guess she didn’t overeat TOO much during her holiday.  A very small sampling:  Going up to 30 degrees Celsius these days, and nothing to do but lie around and enjoy!  The day, though still cloudy, is much brighter this morning.  Oh my, it’s so beautiful out back right now.  We just love what a fantastic job so many people have been doing, in these two years of not having a Lead pastor.

Sheesh!  We do like to talk about the weather a lot, don’t we?

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