give up!

We’ve been thinking about the word "fear", and realized that so many of our fears are linked to vanity:  fear of doing something stupid, of not meeting what we perceive as others’ expectations of us–or mostly our expectations of ourselves.  Were Mary and Joseph filled with fear when they had to flee Herod?  It’s best to fear God’s judgement, because that will ultimately lead you to God’s grace and forgiveness–you don’t realize how great His love is, until you know that His judgement had to be met–and was met in Christ.

But we’ve just discovered that the word for today is not fear, but TRUST!  That’s a good example of thinking of the positive, vs the negative.

There are many things that you can never KNOW, before you have to just TRUST.  Sometimes you can go by a lot of evidence–God never asks us to leave our common sense behind.  The Mom doesn’t KNOW that everyone will get their Lenten devotional piece handed in on time–she just has to trust that the world won’t end if they don’t!  I don’t KNOW that there will be food in my dish tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I can trust her to feed me.  We don’t KNOW that we wouldn’t fall apart if something terrible happened, but we trust that there would be help for us to survive it.

There comes a time when you finally have to give uptrust.

Walk to Rivendell:  We can see crumbled ruins on the Hills ahead.

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