The Eleventh Day of Christmas

Our theme for this day last year, believe it or not, was "Unexpected Travel".  We were thinking of the Wise Men going back "by another way" (so that King Herod couldn’t question them), as well as Mary and Joseph having to travel to Egypt.  But the key word here is "unexpected".  How many times do you have to resort to "Plan B"?

The Mom is a very organized person, and spends a lot of time making up her schedule, and menu, etc.  So whenever she has to unexpectedly change her plans, it’s good for her!  She learned it a little last year, when The Student had to come home a few times that he hadn’t expected to.  That kind of thing is a great opportunity to learn to submit to God’s plan, rather than insisting on your own.  Sometimes of course, it can be quite serious–like when sickness happens.  Have you ever said "I don’t have TIME to be sick!"  I don’t have TIME to die!

Just try to remember that you cannot see the Whole Picture.  Unless you’re God, that is.

Walk to Rivendell:  We are continuing on toward Weather Hills.

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