why is TODAY Epiphany?

This isn’t going to be the type of intellectual discussion that you might think:  today is Epiphany ("to show, to reveal", "the Season of Light") because:

  • We took the Tree down, and there is much more light coming through (of course, you could say that the reverse is true–we took the Tree down because it’s Epiphany!)
  • Our "stain-glass" picture of Mary and baby Jesus fell off the window yesterday (that just happened), so that LAST NIGHT The Mom got to sit by the window and enjoy the beauty of the glowing, milk-painted world (excuse our attempt at poetry, translate:  Full Moon), including the network of bare-branch trees decorated with the Original Sparkles (stars–there we go again!  And yes, you could see the stars even though the moon was so bright.)
  • The Mom had decided to "stay up with the Tree" without even knowing there was going to be a Full Moon, since it was the last night to enjoy the lights on the Christmas Tree.  She started by doing the usual computer-things, etc., and was going to read; but then thought about how silly it is to try to enjoy something by not looking at it! (Follow?)  So she put down all screens, and just lay back on the couch to enjoy.  Yes, it is difficult to sit and "do nothing", so–she began at the top of the tree and worked her way down, looking at each decoration she could see from that position, and trying to remember where it came from.  Then when she unplugged the lights to enjoy that view (you know, that aura of mystery when sparkly things have only the moon to reflect on them), she moved to the window… wow.  Yay God!!!  It was a wonderful Tradition for the Eve of Epiphany–lets do it again next year!!
  • Last reason it’s Epiphany today, is another perfect one:  someone we know, has had an "epiphany" about themselves, about certain faults they have, and realizing the other person was right and he was wrong…  A rather humbling thing, but beautiful in its way–for the best in the long run.

We had thought that the sermon notes from Epiphany Sunday would be a good thing to do today, and were late starting because of being up all night with The Dad’s coughing (after The Mom finally left the Moon!)–but now there’s been so much else to post, we’ll leave the Epiphany sermon for tomorrow!

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