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Rob’s sermon always has SO much in it, here goes trying to keep the notes BRIEF!

He laid out the next several weeks’ theme for us, which is "Eating is Believing: At Table with the Lord".  What a great idea!  Jesus’ ministry was so characteristic of eating.  Think of "Give us this day our daily bread", the banquet mentioned in The Prodigal Son, etc.  We can’t live without food, neither can our spiritual lives survive without nourishment.  Of course, eating is also a lot of fun (witness the Season just past), and is involved in so much of life–social, economic, etc.

-Feeding of the Multitude, "I am the Bread of Life" (Craig)
-people God places at table with us, the eating controversy in I Corinthians (David)
-"Hospitality of God"–Jesus eating with the outcasts of society (Carol)
-Passover (Rebecca Idestrom)
-Messianic Banquet at the End Time (David)
-the Last Supper
-Agape meal (special service)–before Ash Wednesday: "Pancake Sunday"

There are usually 2 major elements in any Worship:  the Word, and the Table (and of course, the Word is spiritual food).  Sometimes the Table is communion/mass, after or before the Word/scripture has been spoken; and sometimes it is a gathering or fellowship around a festive meal–in that case I suppose the "Word" is present by the Holy Spirit.  Come to think of it, the Word is the Holy Spirit during a service as well.  ("The Word was made flesh and dwelt among us," as it says in John 1.)

The scripture study Rob used for Epiphany Sunday may seem like a strange one:  The Road to Emmaus–where the two disciples are walking and discussing Jesus’ crucifixion, and He appears with them and joins the discussion but they don’t recognize Him until the meal, when He breaks the bread and blesses it.  But you already know why it’s quite suitable I bet.  It was, after all, a "revealing".  Those two disciples had an epiphany of their Lord–not only when they sat down to the meal, but as they walked along and He explained the suffering part of the prophecies–the part they hadn’t wanted to hear before.  The "light dawned" on them as He explained that Messiah HAD to suffer–it was all in the plan!

Did you know, someone has said that the gospel of Luke "issues forth with the aroma of food in every chapter". 

  1. With the tax collector Levi & friends–overcoming of corporate/social sin
  2. At a Pharisee’s house, where a sinful woman washed Jesus’ feet with her tears–overcoming of personal sin
  3. Feeding of the multitude–Jesus depicted as the new Moses
  4. -4 & 5 took place at the homes of Pharisees,
  5. where Jesus quesitoned the table practices and their religious observances
  6. Just before Jesus’ triumphal entry, at the house of Zaccheus
  7. The Last Supper
  8. The fulfillment of the 7 meals that have gone before–1st meal of the New Creation, hosted by the Firstborn of the New Creation.

One of our favourite reminders from this sermon, is the fact that we can invite friends and loved ones "to the table", but it’s up to our Host to speak and move in their hearts.

Walk to Rivendell:  We’re still moving toward Weather Hills.

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