a blimp only God could love?

All that’s left of Christmas in this house, is the kitchen stuff–in case there are still tins that need cleaning, etc., and cards.  The Mom is looking forward to sitting down and sorting out last year’s cards, and going over this year’s cards one more time; plus, she’s started collecting all the other types of cards she gets over the year–putting them up in the kitchen and then gathering them all up at the end of the year.  It will be an interesting way to note the various activities over the year:  wedding invitations, thank you cards, birth announcements, and so on.

Actually, Christmas is still here–"Little Christmas", meaning Epiphany.  There are just a few decorations that were saved for that:  a 3D star on the wall, some cards that are especially light-filled and sparkly, plus some white and light-type of garlands & stars that reflect the sun and snow.  Because it is the Season of Light, you know. Oh and there are still candy canes sprinkled among Sam’s shell-nuts; they look so pretty like that… too bad you have to eat such pretty things!  Even though The Mom has been "back to work", it’s still been like a holiday, since The Dad has been too sick with his bad cold to get up for work–so they’ve been sleeping in, though a little less each day.  But now that he’s getting better, there’s no excuse not to get back on that… you know… the "D" word!  The Mom feels a little depressed every time she catches a "glimpse of the blimp" that’s herself, in those mirrors that are truer than others!  She’s hoping she hasn’t really gained as much as she thinks, after all, she hasn’t skipped EVERY regular exercise-time!  But in times like these it’s so great to remember that we are "loved with a jealous love" (song by Jars of Clay).

Walk to Rivendell:  STILL plogging on towards Weather Hills!

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