all tangled up around the meal table

"MEN DOWN!! MEN DOWN!!"  That was the response on Facebook when The Mom mentioned that both our guys are down with colds.  However, Rej is almost all better, and Sam got to come home last night, since he doesn’t have to go to his class tomorrow, so things are improving.  And surely the Other Cold–meaning freezing temperatures outside for the next few days–will KILL any latent germs hanging around!

Speaking of food (several days ago :P)… some more great quotes for you:

"Food is both need and pleasure… Those in need become friends, rather than simply objects of benefaction, when you eat with them… And when those in need and those you love come together in such a way that they get all tangled up around the meal table, we call it the kingdom of God." (Sam Wells)

Walk to Rivendell:  Looking along the top of the hills, we can see the remains of the great civilization of the Men of the West.

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