Yogurt is yogging under the heating pad, bread is making in the bread-maker, and The Mom is hoping to still have some ambition left after all the other morning activities to spring-clean the laundry room.  But we now know that she’s getting old:  she finally broke down and bought an electric can opener yesterday!  She has to fix up her right arm so that she can scan in those 21 books she bought at the closing sale the other day!

Time to post some notes from an excellent article that Rob had copied, called "JESUS IS NOT A BRAND" (Tyler Wigg-Stevenson).

  • "Brand superiority is in the mind of the consumer, but Christ’s divinity and worth are his own, regardless of what we think of him.  He does not need our bumper stickers of T-shirts."
  • People may think of Christianity as one option among many, but the Church needs to be a "powerful witness to the contrary"; communion should remind us that "the one we consume has already consumed us.  The church reveals the supremacy of Christ in a world that denies his power when–crediting it all to God–we love the unlovable and forgive the unforgivable, reconcile seemingly intractable hatreds and rejoice even in sorrow, persevere in hardship and serve to the point of sacrifice, and baptize and teach instead of consume and discard."
  • Although the Christian life brings fulfillment, "such fulfillment will be strangely elusive if it is your main priority as a Christian.  Indeed, it comes only when we seek God instead of ourselves."
  • "..the gospel is a doorway into the whole story of God–not simply a ticket to heaven, but the ongoing and enacted recognition, beginning with repentance, that we belong truly to God."
  • We have a "perpetual quest for comfort and happiness-inducing products", but remember Paul’s statement in Philipians 4, "I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances…"  It’s not that every need we think we have will be met, but that we will find we need less and less.  "Consumerist habits drive us in an endless and endlessly dissatisfying quest for new and different things.  But discipleship, pursued in Christian community, is about becoming satisfied with just one thing:  The Lord who gives us strength."

to Rivendell:  We can see crumbled ruins on the Hills ahead.

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