here’s to feeling “more vigorous as the frost prevails”!

Well, even though The Mom was mixed up in her scheduling yesterday (how to spring clean the laundry room when you have to listen for bread-timers?), she did get it done! And that (as planned) gave her ambition to get some photo work done, then spend an hour… downloading iPod backgrounds…!  (Even though she was extremely tired after washing floors all morning, and cleaning the laundry room all afternoon!)

Time for a little "culture" for you  (NOT the yogurt kind!  Speaking of yogurt… mmmm! Some great "diet-stuff" ready to eat today!!)

from a poem by David Humphreys:

"From stormy heavens the mantling clouds unrolled,
The sky is bright, the air serenely cold.
The keen northwest, that heaps the drifted snows,
For months entire o’er frozen regions blows;
Man braves his blast; his gelid breath inhales,
And feels more vigorous as the frost prevails."

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