the strong voice of circumstance…

Whew!  First, The Mom was happily distracted because she’d figured out how to make her photos show up properly on the TV, so was busy sorting a whole load of them; then she got busy editing–for this year’s Lenten Devotional booklet.  (It’s amazing how people send in their contributions twenty days after the due date!)  That job always gets her excited too, not only enjoying some great writing, but also seeing how so many of the themes that people have chosen, “jive” with each other!

Since the assigned scripture passages for this year’s Lenten writing effort are taken from various sections throughout the whole Bible, many of those themes turned out to be “judgment” (proper translation: “putting it right”).  We’ve read a couple of things from our chronological Bible-in-a-year companion, that match:

“…God loved them too much to let them get away with anything.  Never forget that love is the reason for His discipline, not His discipline the reason for His love….

…Beware of failing to heed the gentle reproofs of the Spirit, or else you may well be forced to heed the stronger voice of circumstances.”

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