anger, joy, tears…

Oh my, when are those Parental Digits (or whatever the hip term is these days) ever going to grow up!!  The Student is home for a few days (broken toilet AGAIN), and they constantly bug him while he’s on the phone, wanting to know what girl he could possibly be talking to who isn’t The Girl (turned out to be someone he was helping with an essay); then yesterday they call and email his friends trying to find out what happened to him, because he simply had his phone turned off, because he simply HAD A HEADACHE!  OK, so he wasn’t feeling all that well when they dropped him off yesterday morning, but these guys have GOT to learn to leave the poor guy alone!!!

On a happier note, The Mom is all excited about another fantastic Lenten Devotional booklet:  50 different people (they did Easter week this time as well), and you’d be amazed at how connected the themes are… well, no–not amazed if you’d been praying about this in the first place.  So, the title is going to be "Connections" (we’re iffy about that one, since it’s already been used for very different things); and this week it’s being formatted, and photographers are working on a cover–yay!!  It was certainly the year for looong entries; and The Mom had to send 2 or 3 of them off to the Rob Brain to figure them out.  God bless him… no, God HAS blessed him with that brain!

On a sadder note (oops, sorry about that), right after all that Happy in the last post, we got some bad news:  Rej’s niece watched her beautiful log home burn down a week ago!  The Mom absolutely loved that place, even if they didn’t get to visiting them too often.  This couple built that place from scratch about 25 years ago (with contractors, of course), and it was SO beautiful!  You can imagine how they must be feeling.

Back to happy.  The Next Parental Digits Up (meaning, Nanny & Pappy) are coming to visit next month!!  This may mean getting out pickaxes to tackle the snowbanks, to make room for parking (you wouldn’t believe how narrow the streets get around here in snowbank-weather–the plows don’t seem to do it right).. but maybe we’ll work on having a couple of thaw-days.  (But but…  10-15 more cm of snow coming tonight–YIKES!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin the 14th day since we left Bag End, the 7th day from Bree (Oct. 6).

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