truth can be better than fiction

OK, lets leave this cold, snowy scene, since most people are probably banging their heads on a wall (another storm in TO today, 15 cm of snow!)  Just leave it all… lets go instead to a place where it’s 25 Celsius today (and it is supposed to be their COLD season!)–to an area south of the Dead Sea.

Here we have an archaeological site:  King Solomon’s mines.  Yes, they actually existed.  There are 100 buildings including a fortress, and a copper-mining site so intensive that it is “big enough to be seen on Google Earth’s satellite images.”  When they were first discovered many years ago, they were dated from long after King Solomon.  But, in a new “discovery straight out of an Indiana Jones movie“, they now date right back to the time of King Solomon–who, the Bible says, did mine extensively.

This is part of the reason why, in the last few decades, there has been a “marked shift in scholar’s attitudes toward the biblical narratives.”  They’ve found evidence for things like the Exodus, the existence of David and Caiphas, the going price for slaves in Egypt, etc.  “As Levy put it, while ‘we can’t believe everything ancient writings tell us . . . this research represents a confluence between the archaeological and scientific data and the Bible.’

Openness to the possibility of ‘confluence’ is all believers ever ask. Christians have nothing to fear from this kind of scientific inquiry. In fact, we welcome it. Unlike other faiths, biblical faith is rooted in history. It’s the account of how God has acted in human history to accomplish His purposes, and we are confident that the biblical account reflects this fact.

That the result is discoveries ‘straight out of an Indiana Jones’ movie’ just goes to show how truth, in the end, really can top fiction.

(Except that we wanted to pretend not to be HERE, in this cold, snowy weather!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We follow the path south toward Weathertop.

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