Solutions for the Common Question: “WHERE do we PUT IT ALL!??”

  1. Cart it out back.  Confusingly, the snow in the back yard is not half as deep as other years, and much smaller than the front.  We finally figured it out:  when there’s a bit of thaw, like we had last week, the back yard snow will shrink, but the "mile-high" banks at the front are too hard-packed to melt!  But since we’re afraid to open the back-sliding doors in case they get stuck open, we’d have to cart our pails-full of snow upstairs, open the bedroom window, and throw it out there to the back yard…… Naaaww…
  2. Shovel to the neighbour’s side; since he’s the end unit in the townhouses, his bank is a lot smaller.  He shouldn’t mind, since his driveway would get shoveled at the same time.
  3. Shovel out to the street.  It’s against the law, except that the street-plow has shoveled in such a way as to have narrowed the street right down to almost one lane, which has lengthened our driveway by FIVE FEET–I measured!
  4. BEST ONE YET (and I’m quite serious):  next time it snows, pack it all down and drive/walk on TOP of the snow.  There is just no. where. to put it any more!  If the Next Ice Age is coming anyway, we gotta start working on those glaciers.  If we’d done that with every snowfall we’ve had so far this year, maybe we’d have to carve steps in the end of it, to walk UP and OUT, when we go out our front door!

Walk to Rivendell:  The path toward Weathertop is cunningly hidden and edged with stones where the land is open.

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