know what you’re agreeing to

Look to the "future"!!  Though the high today may be only minus 11 Celsius (25 F), in THREE DAYS it will be PLUS SEVEN!  And RAINING! Yay!!

On a totally different subject, we came across some interesting facts the other day.  Do you approve of maintaining the status quo on abortion in Canada?  If so, you would be among 46 percent of Canadians who do.  However, the Angus Reid poll (last June) also says that 92 percent of Canadians do not know this fact:  that status quo allows a woman to have an abortion "in all circumstances and at any time between conception and birth."  Other facts from the same poll:

  • "95 percent of respondents agreed that women considering an abortion should be fully informed about all the other options available to them,
  • By a similar overwhelming margin, Canadians said they could not support abortion in cases where the unborn child’s gender was not what the parents were hoping for."

Soooo–choice is NOT an absolute… SOME choices are not supported…  And as someone likes to say:  "people should say what they mean" (or at least know what they’re talking about!)

Walk to Rivendell:  We climb to the top of Weathertop.

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