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Sundays we’re so busy with all our other "restful" things to do, and the sermon notes usually feel like being posted on Monday… maybe Sunday is a good day just to be thankful:

  • for the wind drying up all the melting from yesterday,
  • for the bright sun and blue sky, to show up the "wind-tossed clouds" (who needs poetry? :P),
  • for the disappearance of the "widow-makers"–the Giant Icicles that were hanging just over the front doorway,
  • for exciting life-changes, like The Student probably living at home next year,
  • for The Mom losing 2 pounds last week,
  • for puzzles to put together, with lots of detail in the pictures,
  • for another great-looking Lenten Devotional booklet, almost ready,
  • for so many other things!

Creator God, what a wondrous world You have made!

Walk to Rivendell:  From the Watch Tower we see Black Riders on the road below!

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