guilty, as charged

Whew!  It’s finally safe for me to come out!  That D-O-G was here again all weekend, with Nanny & Pappy.  They say she’s just as afraid of me as I am of her, but… well, I’m just a “hider” anyway.  Even though the Sweet Girl was here–for her birthday!  The Mom was all excited about that, AND because she got to meet The Grandparents.  Now everyone knows how sweet she really is!

Rob was coming up with so many neat little phrases last Sunday, The Mom just could not keep up with it! :)  Let’s see what she managed to pull out of all that wonderfulness…

  • The verse in the Gospels that talks about the disciples taking off, when Jesus was arrested, actually means (from the Greek) that they were “scandalized”.  And it wasn’t that they were afraid–they were ready with swords, but Jesus had said “put away your sword”; THAT was what made them run. (We remember that Jesus also asked the soldiers to let them go.)
  • As Paul later says, refusing to take up the cross is like “having a form of godliness, but denying its power”.
  • Jesus knew what Judas was going to do, and that the disciples were going to take off, and still chose to eat with them–in fact, gave them the bread and said “this is my body”…
  • One of the reasons Jesus made Communion a requirement (“This do in remembrance of me..”)–is because in taking the bread and “wine”, we are  confessing our own guilt and receiving His payment for it:  consider that the words to introduce Communion (from Paul) are:  “On the night he was betrayed..”  We may feel that we don’t relate to the guilt of Judas or the Romans, but we probably do relate to the disciples:  not willing to do things Jesus’ way–the way that’s so questionable and unusual to the culture around us; or, we love God on Sundays and don’t listen to Him the rest of the week, etc.

Walk to Rivendell:  We begin our 15th day of travel, Oct. 7th.

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