happy Shrove Tuesday!!

There are so many birthdays in February!

"Birthday Song"

From the private ease of Mother’s womb
I fall into the lighted room.

Why don’t they simply put me back
Where it is warm and wet and black?
(Thom Gunn)

I’m afraid that’s the way we feel this morning, because it’s… oh yay, it’s gone up to minus 17 Celsius, from minus 19! AND, The Mom has to go OUT into that cold–to the dentist, of all things! Ah well–above freezing temps are predicted for the NEXT couple of days, and even rain tomorrow.

Cheer up now everyone, and have pancakes tonight!  Tomorrow, we get to start reading this year’s Lenten Devotional Booklet!!!!  (That’s funny, when you know that The Mom has read through it several times already while she was editing it… not the same as reading it properly each day, though.)

Walk to Rivendell:  We head south from the dell.

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