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YAY!! The temperature is already only 2 degrees below freezing!  And the snow is falling off the roof!  But, The Mom’s tooth still hurts!  Ha ha… she’s thinking it’ll probably be OK when it’s had lots of rest from the DDS.

We’ve finally finished our Old Testament reading!  There are still several chapters a day to read, in the New Testament section of this Bible-in-a-year thing; The Mom has decided not to do any more Bible-in-a-year things. It may be fine for others who are not slow readers, but she would really rather be able to pay attention to what she’s reading!  Anyway, she’s done it enough over her "lifetime".  Next Old Testament readings (besides Psalms maybe) are going to be with commentary–we’ll have to get The Student’s recommendation for that, since he was mentioning awhile ago, a particular old commentary that was best. We’d also like to go through and just read all the summaries and introductions that we have, at least once. But for now–the devotional booklet, that WE put together OURSELVES!  Well, that is to say–the 47 people from our church… with God’s help, of course… hmmmm… did I hear that the theme for our next block of sermons is going to be about pride?  Might be fitting, for us at least.

Meanwhile, something neat from this morning’s reading "commentary" (this is just a short little paragraph that goes with each day, from CWR, the publishers of Every Day With Jesus).

"Many Christians skip over the genealogy of Christ because they find it dull and uninteresting. But how wonderfully it underlines the truth that, when Christ came to save, He did not just come near to the human race, He came into it. The Son of God became the Son of Man, that the sons of men might become the sons of God."

Walk to Rivendell:  Still on our 1st day from Weathertop, we cross the Great East Road.

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